Up to you ! Pair of jeans and street style

Skinny OR Slim-Fit Denim ?

If you are planning to stay active and keep moving, it might be the best to choose Slim-fit jeans. Because they are wider in the legs, you will be able to move more freely.

Skinny jeans look better when are worn with high heels, for ladies. You can even wear them with sneakers, but the high heels will maximize the sleek look of skinny jeans.

If you are worried about the skinny jeans that fit very tightly, consider choosing a pair of stretch skinny denim. Made from a combination of denim and elastic fabric such as polyester, in the form of more elasticity, making it softer and more comfortable.

Consider the occasion when you wear jeans when choosing between skinny (figure 2) and slim-fit jeans (figure 1). Skinny jeans have a slightly more formal look, while slim-fit is a bit more simple. However, you can wear slim-fit or skinny jeans for unofficial or formal occasions, so do not rely solely on your choice.

Remember, both slim-fit jeans and skinny are available in a variety of different colors ranging from traditional colors such as blue and indigo to the most modern and bold colors such as yellow and red. Feel free to try some of them to add the finesse to your outfit.

Instead of choosing between skinny and slim-fit jeans, why not add them both to your wardrobe? In some circumstances, skinny jeans are best suited, while others are best slim-fit. Having both types of jeans available in your wardrobe you will have more freedom to choose your appearance.

In summary, both skinny jeans and slim-fit jeans are similar in design, application and style. However, skinny jeans, as the name implies, have a narrower leg opening. This allows them to embrace-describe the shape of the body, which many women prefer. Thin-type jeans have a similar pattern, although they are slightly wider in the legs. The truth to be told, is that many people can not tell the difference between slim-fit and skinny jeans – not until they wear them, at least. And even then, the difference is thin enough not to be a major deciding factor for their purchase. Hopefully, this post will give you a better understanding of skinny and slim-fit jeans.

No matter what kind of denim you choose, make sure it’s the right size. There are not two people who have exactly the same shape or body size, so neither all the jeans will match exactly the same. Even if you normally wore a certain size, thin differences in manufacturing processes could lead to a pair of jeans with the right number and another pair to be too small or large. Therefore, the personal style, desire and taste of everyone will determine the choice of favorite denim.

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