Louis Vuitton Spring 2018 Menswear

Disclosure of fashion in social media stimulates interest if one considers its results. Kim Jones unveiled his new collection for the company at Instagram @louisvuitton and his @mrkimjones personal account for several days before presenting it together with, among other shoes and bag previews, a note thanks to Drake, also known as @champagnepapi , for his cooperation. The message appeared on a red Hawaiian print.

When the audience arrived at the Palais Royal event, the same prints were evident among the crowd, as Naomi Campbell and others wore it. So, no, it was not an absolute surprise that the collection consisted of those same Hawaiian shirts, some of which were in organza, as did Naomi in the first row. It was also not surprising that the soundtrack was a song inspired by Drake’s collection, having previously been shared.

Men’s collection, after the global coverage of its partnership with the highest last season, has a win to win. On the one hand, there is a narrative that says “ultra-fast” commitment to youth is must, while on the other – the often-mentioned story of heritage and tradition products – it says “slow-slow” and ” wait for you to have it. “

The brand is fortunate to have Kim Jones, who has the ability to move the Vuitton forward at both speeds. In a preview, he talked about the success of the last festival, but he put the Top Score at “10 percent”. Although not empowered to precisely determine how the sales figures of the company have been stimulated, he spoke about the direct talks between the same and the new generation of adolescents who are fanatical about fashion in every detail.

“I’ve found a lot of guys – 16 to 18 years old – who were looking to find what I did when I had my own label,” he said. This was some time ago in London at the beginning of the year before technology became a fashion witness. But with their computer skills, these guys can collect things that even their creators did not realize they exist.

Thus, Jones – even without the immense image of a famous designer – is being watched and adored as a worshiper. Inside the fashion circles, he has also been appreciated for how he can devote a broad idea that most men will get – Hawaiian shirt is OK again, guys! – while having an extremely sophisticated hand with fluid sewing, convincing proportions and advanced fabric techniques.

In this collection, for instanse, there is thin tissue-like paper – made to look like plastic, neoprene-bound leather, and rubber tape used to seal the surfer’s appeal in many bags, from too small to too large, which made it show of acceleration.



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