Dior Homme Spring/Summer 2018 Menswear Collection

Both sides of Dior are clearly turning to the youth. After Maria Grazia Chiuri with young girls wearing denim and leather breezes of ’68, Kris Van Assche had a series of teen boys at Dior Homme. As the House celebrates the 70th anniversary of Christian Dior’s revolutionary appearance, Van Assche consciously looks for what can be exported from the past to make it relevant to a new generation. The designer said “The first piece of the collection is the DNA of the Dior, which is the black suit and the white shirt. How can I “tease” it, how to reinvent it, turn it into the future, and degrade it? There is a lot to say about the assumption that the costumes are outdated, but I am absolutely convinced that it is not. It’s just a matter of making the right proposals. “

Strangely, there was a romantic subtitle on it – as well as a purposeful logo – which emphasized the commercial audience. Van Assche imagined the moment when a college boy changed his life when his sexual momentum woke up, thinking: “When you understand the way you make an effort, the way you dress up can make a difference with the girls”. The little flower that the boys bring to the dance of the school was caught in the lapel of a black vest made of 3 Rue de Marignan, the Dior men’s studio headed inside. ” The time you’ll be out for the first time” woke up when the boys walked with the sneakers in a set of green turf under a night sky.

The sewing was intelligently created and gently coded. The first black ottoman costume was a tribute to Dior’s New Look Bar Jacket with a curved body line. A renewed coat was cut into spiral strips, “from bias, hanging around the body like a dress,” Van Assche explains, although he did not write it, it was certainly a reference to John Galliano’s contribution to Dior’s story. The model that wore it, brought as Van Assche called a pair of “short gymnastics shorts” in ottoman cloth.

These short shorts !!! The objectivity of sexuality with men wearing shorts is a controversial point of reference for men’s collections. Van Assche has designed many of them for his turn by presenting more sportswear in the second part of the show, or as he described it himself: “Contrasts that are more than just those of Kris Van Assche.” Striped knitwear, sports jerseys , the varied jacket. It should make you really think of a school uniform. The season you start coming out and getting into trouble. “There were hybrids of sewing sportswear, half a baseball jacket, half a blazer, a polo shirt sleeve jacket,” It’s street clothes in a sense, “Van Assche finished,” But the work is very valuable. “

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