Dsquared2 Spring/Summer 2018 Menswear & Womenswear Collection, Milan

Dean and Dan Caten mix different themes proposing a new flavor:

The ingredients of the day were hawaiian hibiscus flip flops, leather biker pieces with prints, goth clues, denims, tulle and jersey.

“See the shameless sex! See Raw Naked Violence!” Was the catwalk’s soundtrack. Violence in the DSquared2 mixture of this evening was not raw, but it was subject to rigorous diligence. Leopard-print pants were decorated with a long string of buckles under a Hawaiian shirt and winklepickers. Skirts with a tulle over a hybrid winklepicker / flip-flop with a motorcycle jacket and a leather hat. An amazing sequined Hawaiian shirt is worn over biker pants.

Also, demonstrating logic both commercially and logistically speaking, the designers said, was their decision to continue from their last show in January to present collections of men and women deferred. “Time is much better,” said Dean, “women get to the store earlier.” “It’s also easier for us to have our brain in one section at a time rather than to jump from one show to another,” added Dan.

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