Gucci Cruise 2018 Menswear Collection, Milan

Alessandro Michele’s term so far at Gucci could be described better in one word: MORE.

In the three years since he got charged as the Creative Director of the Italian label, Michele brought the House back to the white-hot regime with an aesthetics that doubles to more. There is more color. There is more fur. There are more embroidery, applications, decorations and hand-made touches (sometimes all the same in the same garment) added to everything from jackets to swimsuits. It also means more for the bottom line of Gucci, with the brand signing record sales at the time of Michele. And Michele, apparently, is capable of giving more and more.

Gucci revealed the lookbook of Cruise 2018 Menswear by photographer Elaine Constantine. Inspired by Athens, the lookbook presents models crowned as Greek athletes between the ancient ruins.

The House in the men’s collection of the Men’s Collection Cruise 2018 also included his women’s lineage from the same time in May, but most of them appear in it for the first time. If there is one thing that betrays the composition of luxury clothes,is that Michele’s sources of ideas have no boundary. If someone tries to find a single point or point of guidance for the collection, the only thing that he will accomplish is to lose the point. Michele excels in blending different inspirations (royal, revolutionary style and renaissance, some of them) to create clothes you have never seen before.

But perhaps the most exciting thing about this new collection of Michele’ s designs is that one can realize that the silhouettes, the colors and the pacthworks that were radical back to the 2015 standards look right in 2017. The designer’s success was to make a whole new aesthetics of mainstream – and let customers want more season after the season’s presentation.


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