Choosing the right White Basic T-Shirt

People often tend to make a mistake about street styling, although it seems that you do not have to try hard.

A good pair of jeans, a nice coat, good quality T-Shirts. A simple t-shirt as simple as it may seems, it can be a misleadingly tricky piece of clothing to wear. Here’s the style guide on how to find the right t-shirt for your body shape and style.



Combine your T-Shirt with a simple pair of jean or chino trousers avoiding big statements, perhaps giving more emphasis to shoes, some accessories or coat. Keep it clean and strong!


A pretty chic and safe choice for all hours is the Basic White  T-Shirt with the pocket. Reminds a little Pole giving you the ability to play with styling from semi-formal to urban. However, the truth is that these T-Shirts are especially flattering if you have a trunk or the shape of your body is square, because although the pocket is very simple, it gives as much volume as possible. Choose to wear it in combination with a jacket and a blue jeans, and you will not go unnoticed.



The answer to those who are looking for something more special in a simple White Basic T-Shirt is the V-Neck T-Shirts. Available in so many different varieties, for example, depending on the area of the chest you want to show, you can get a T-Shirt with a small or big collar. Although wearing a wide T-Shirt may seem rather odd, a V-Neck is a perfect T-Shirt choice.

A T-Shirt with V with a large collar can be an extremely difficult style and draw attention negatively by showing the majority of your trunk. If you have a nice gymed chest of course, then it will probably get you better. Generally, V-neck with a large V collar will fit into skinny or muscular body types. If you have a short or square construction, better to stay in regular V-shaped T-shirts.



Combine a long T-Shirt with skinny fitting pants and sneakers without socks. This will give a very relaxed, athletic and elegant look in your outfit that will be just as comfortable as it will be fashionable.


When you’re wondering how to wear an overzise T-Shirt, make sure you’ve thought of combining it with some extra slim or skinny pants. This is, of course, a personal style choice, however, wearing one of these over a straight trousers will accentuate your wideT-Shirt achieving a relaxed but elegant style. However, try to avoid pants that are so overly skinny and you will make you feel uncomfortable.


For those who have truncated trunk or are muscular an alternative that does not go unnoticed is the white T-Shirt with buttons. It works for all ages, especially in the summer (and not only) easily combined with jeans and shorts as you can open some buttons. Some, though !!

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