Ugly Sneakers own the streets

Ugly Sneakers’ fever continues and this season, as the buyers are crazy about them ! When they began to roll on the streets, it seemed something distant and a trend that would only have an accent on eccentric fashionistas.

Nevertheless, the current season if this is not the hottest trend, is one of the top, as not only the top brands of shoes such as Adidas and Puma but the big fashion houses have passed through.

Ugly Sneakers have flooded the paths combined in addition to activewear look with preppy or tailored giving a more relaxed and natural sense, widening the horizon of their customers by suggesting them to experiment.

Gucci, Givenchy and Balenciaga have included them in their collections – among other luxury fashion brands, giving a new dimension to aesthetics, fashion and personal style. Below are the most eccentric Ugly Sneakers of the season you can get.

Balenciaga Triple S


Yung – Adidas





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