Gucci Autumn/Winter 2018 Ready-To-Wear

Alessandro Michele once again surprised the crowds not only with his Autumn / Winter 2018 Collection, but with the Fashion Show he presented as a concept !

The set of the Fashion Show was a surgery room with the models wearing knitwear masks, holding heads of their own clone heads, having third eyes inspired by ancient Hinduism and horns, as well rubber snakes and dragons. Gucci outfits covered in nude transparent tulle chrysalises in various reptilian and alien motifs.

Alessandro Michele shared his vision and inspiration of this collection saying

“We are all Doctor Frankenstein of our lives”

basing his idea on superhuman transformation, mainly through clothes, and not plastic surgery (assuming).

“I thought it’s a beautiful idea,” he said of all the transformation, “because fashion is not simply what you wear or an instrument to generate business. It’s something more. You are thinking I’m being obvious but this is my approach.”

Although, many accuse Michele that is not as creative to change or move forward the House, he has built again the empire of Gucci based on his aesthetic mentioning through his shows the fundamental issues that he wants !

“Fashion is very much aware of what’s happening and that wasn’t always the case in the past,” he said. “A jacket doesn’t represent my way of being and living. I’m interested in what’s inside that jacket.”

Pointing out a transformation that even he has been through in the last three years as Creative Director of the House.

“I’m happy I was born as a hybrid. I want to praise hybridisation. We have got to cultivate this and take care of it.”


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